EDGE Industries is a landscape urbanism firm primarily operating in the realm of land planning, urban design, and landscape architecture. We also bend our minds to create art and come up with innovative ideas for all kinds of amazing design solutions.

The firm was created as a response to banal corporate design firms bound by financial mandates that revolve around profit margins. We are a creative force that has the ability to fluidly transcend design disciplines in order to provide the best possible solutions to our clients. Our design sensibility comes from the context of place.

The name of the firm reflects our values — cutting edge design with a work ethic. We collaborate with architects, artists, writers, interior designers, web designers, and coffee-shop philosophers to create inspirational design.

We design at a diverse scale and our concepts are tied to place. Our work offers a compositional edge that effectively communicates a strong sense of place. There are no cookie cutter designs coming from our studio, only creative and innovative ideas.